I am still alive :-)


It’s been so long time!

someone might already know that something is going on with me.

Can y20151017_180009ou guess? Yes I am pregnant 🙂 now already 33weeks. Time flies hah!

since pregnant and also moved house, it’s impossible to come back to craft. specially paper crafting! Because crafting room wasn’t ready, I have a huge belly(90% fat I always have) and a little human monster who is stalking me all the time.

I only barely manage to send out monthly Thanks gift pack for my customers who shop with me.

since pasted 30weeks, I started feel greater than ever! How weird is it? maybe I got some Christmas power. (I love Christmas so much even I am Buddhist :-P)

Anyway I just let you know that I am still alive and kinda come back to paper crafting. I will update projects for Christmas.

Hope see you again with new project 🙂

Take care, speak to you soon♥

Jerim/willowpiggy xxx


2 thoughts on “I am still alive :-)

  1. So wonderful hearing your news. I wish you much joy and happiness and I’m sure the new addition to the family will keep you really busy.

    Take care now and don’t forget to let us know when the little one comes along.


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